11 Instant Reflections on #ge2015

  • IMG_2056In the snug womb of the polling booth, people default to self-interest – unless they’ve been given a really amazing reason not to. Poor Ed Miliband won’t be the last politician unable to summon up a lure stronger than MONEY.
  • That Lynton Crosby must be one scary ice man. I mean, wasn’t he even tempted to bring out the dancing girls and pull some crazy stunts? To be convinced that Cameron and team should just keep saying “long-term economic plan” like well-drilled North Korean soldiers takes some chutzpah.
  • Me, I think the Liberal Democrats behaved with great integrity in 2010 and will rebound strongly in 2020.
  • Tony Blair?! I mean, really. Like a slapdash CEO, he abdicated responsibility for economic affairs to his finance director. Then he shattered the delicate equilibrium of the Middle East. Then he did play-tinkering with the British constitution leaving us, 18 years later, with a precious union that’s creaking at the seams.
  • Andrea Jenkyns – and, it has to be said, Ed Balls – restored my faith in politicians with a seriously gracious performance when she snatched the Morley and Outwood seat from the former shadow chancellor.
  • Sleeves rolled up are the new soapbox.
  • I can’t help but feel that lurking behind nice Nicola Sturgeon are some fairly mean SNP dudes.
  • How pissed off must Mark Reckless feel?
  • The BBC needs to up its game on election night. Too many superannuated commentators (Peter Mandelson, FFS), not enough of the sharp stuff that was taking place on Twitter.
  • If people in Sunderland can run so fast, how come there aren’t more famous Sunderland athletes?
  • We feel like a divided country. It’s all right for us lot in the south with our rising house prices and access to the City of London, diverse community bla bla. Life clearly feels very different in our old industrial towns in the north of England. If a majority Conservative government doesn’t start to bridge this divide, they will have failed in the trust granted them by the electorate.

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