Inspiring Entrepreneurs: the Business & IP Centre at the British Library

As the economy reorientates around entrepreneurship – more startups than ever were founded in the UK in 2014; more people than ever are self-employed – so these novice entrepreneurs require support and advice during what can be a difficult transition.

The British Library’s Business & IP Centre is probably the UK’s single most important resource for supporting growing and new businesses. Some 400,000 people have passed through the BIPC doors since it opened in 2006.

Since its formation, I’ve been an ambassador for the BIPC and chaired the BIPC’s “Inspiring Entrepreneurs” series, hosting many of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs – including the late Dame Anita Roddick (who held one-to-one workshops at the BIPC), Lord Sugar, founder Martha Lane Fox, Cobra Beer founder Lord Bilimoria, many of the new generation of digital entrepreneurs and dozens of manufacturers, service specialists, engineers and designers.

The events are broadcast across the Business & IP Centre’s UK library network, as well as to New York Public Library and via live webcasts. The Inspiring Entrepreneurs series is now sponsored by Barclays.

You can watch many of the “Inspiring Entrepreneurs” series on BIPCTV.

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