With a presence in 100 countries, Regus is a barometer of the global economy: rising demand for the firm’s flexible workspace indicates increased economic activity; a Regus slowdown can spell wider trouble afoot. Right now, bookings are on the up. Full-year revenues at the FTSE 250 business are expected to hit £1.5bn. Viewed through the […]

I’m running a project, with Real Business and Everline, to identify the UK’s 50 most disruptive, early-stage businesses. We’ve now hit 50 nominations, so it’s time for an update on some of those putting themselves forward: A major innovation in loyalty cards, focusing on the independent retail sector. Collaborative consumption comes to the pre-owned designer […]

There’s a new phenomenon on Twitter, which involves people filming their own reactions to major (usually sporting) events. The 12 hours around Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory saw 3.2 million tweets, many of which were young men’s Vine posts (short Twitter videos) of themselves leaping around their sitting room. Had Chancellor George Osborne filmed himself post-Autumn […]

All around the world today and this week, events are being held to draw attention to the crucial economic role of entrepreneurship. Back in 1997, I was part of the team that launched the UK’s first magazine for entrepreneurs, Real Business. In the past 16 years, I reckon I’ve probably interviewed and met more entrepreneurs […]

Real-time reaction is the new currency in business and – for the most part – entrepreneurs and lean start-ups are making mincemeat out of big corporates. “Business has sped up in the past ten years,” says Rupert Lee-Browne, founder of broker Caxton FX, which has evolved from order-taking by fax to instant responsiveness in its […]

High-performance, small and mid-sized companies are the powerhouse of the UK economy. I could bore you with data about the disproportionate contribution of 24,000 mid-sized companies to national economic performance, but these companies are enormously important to the UK. We live in a fast-changing, real-time, digital, information-saturated, still-in-the-intensive-care-ward economy. From where I sit, a combination […]

After the lazy nineties and noughties when we believed that services and the public sector could fuel a sustainable economy, then came the reckoning. The most concise redefinition of Britain’s economic strategy came from Sir James Dyson in the FT last weekend. It’s really quite simple, said the engineering genius and founder of Dyson: “Our […]


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